ebook by Adrian Morrison

ebook by Adrian Morrison

I was going through my download folder on my computer to delete old and unnecessary files and I saw this PDF file so I decided to read it.  This is an eBook by Adrian Morrison.

The ebook is called $20K per day ecom secrets - 5 simple steps to building your profitable ecommerce business.

After I finished reading and decided to look him up on the internet and it turns out he kinds of dropped off from the scene as his latest post on facebook was from 2018...

Anyways, this PDF was short and it really is just a sales pitch to his ecommerce course... so here they are the take away

Here is the ebook if you would like to read it, I am no way affiliate or associated with him and his products, and I really don't recommend it.  

If you have spare time, read something else instead.  Here are two books I'd recommend :

TL;DR in my own words

Adrian let his million dollar business die.  Why? because it was not sellable. You need to control the business, build your own brand, not someone else's, and have an exit strategy.

1. Nobody cares what you want.  Look for what people want and give it to them.
2. Focus on a few products, not thousands of products.
3. Leverage the word "free"
4. Learn to use Facebook ads
5. Focus on conversion, not clicks.

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How to create Google Services Accounts very quicky in Windows 10

How to create Google Services Accounts very quicky in Windows 10

Taken and recreated from 

GitHub - xyou365/AutoRclone: AutoRclone: rclone copy/move/sync (automatically) with thousands of service accounts

This page has a very detailed step by step.

My version lets you skip the reading and just do it.

  1. Download and install python https://www.python.org/downloads/
  2. Download tested and working file here. (including scripts) extract to a folder eg. C:\autorclone
  3. Delete pickle token first (if you have already installed before)

Go to google cloud console

  1. create project, select project
  2. API & Services, Enable APIs, Select Google Drive, Enable it
  3. API & Services, OAuth Consent Screen, select External, input name, 2 emails, next, next, next to complete, and on dashboard screen, select PUBLISH.
  4. API & Services, Credentials, Create Credentials, select OAuth client ID, download .json file and rename it to credentials.json into script folder. eg. C:\autorclone


Run the following 3 commands. (command prompt)

  1. pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt
  2. py gen_sa_accounts.py --quick-setup -1

    this will take you to authenticate step, just copy and paste the URL into a browser and give permission. Due to google cloud console and browser security sometimes this won’t work. I have provided the version that works, just bypass the security, give permission, then back to command prompt to complete (just hit enter) and it’s all good (tested)

  3. python gen_sa_accounts.py --download-keys ProjectIDHere (replace with project ID)
    you might want to clear the accounts folders first if you have previously downloaded these accounts


Aspiration Digital Bank Review

Aspiration Digital Bank Review

Genuine user review and personal experience.  I recommend you STAY AWAY from this bank. I have a credit score of 790, very good relationships with all my banks.

I first joined the Do Well Do Good company back in 2018.  I wanted to be a part of a company with a great vision and great purpose, so I joined Aspiration.  At the time, I actually was consolidating my bank accounts as I had many, and Aspiration wasn't on top of the list for me simply due to the lack of physical locations that I can walk in, so the account was not utilized.

Fast forward to 2020, during all this time I had been using Chase as my main banking service, and I've been paying $40 per international wire so I thought I would shop around... and all of the sudden I remembered Aspiration and looked up their fees.  And to my surprise, their international wiring is only $15 !!

With Chase, I simply add wire recipient, schedule the wire.. and it's all taken care of on their website.  With Aspiration, however, I have to call them first, and then fill out a form online, and wait for approval.  Granted the process requires me to call in, I thought to myself, for $25 dollars, I will make the effort to call.

Little did I know, it took MORE than just calling in... WAY MORE... First, their ACH limit is $5000 a day, so I had to split the ACH into 3 days and it takes a few days to process.. so just ACH over to Aspiration took over 1 week..

Secondly, after calling in, filling out the form and everything, I was notified that I cannot wire with Aspiration as I do not have enough history with the bank.  Which I totally understand.. so I started to ACH back the money back to Chase bank... You'd think right?  NOOOO... After scheduled ACH, I noticed that my account balance was -$5000, then +$5000 which looked really odd.. So I had to call in to verify the situation..

And guess what the agent told me?  "oh, it looks like  you have canceled the ACH" I assured the agent that I did not do that and asked him to look into it.  After few minutes of holding, I was told that the Chase account that I linked to is a business account and Aspiration is personal banking only so I could not ACH to the business account.  I mean.. I totally understand if that's the case, even though Aspiration took ACH from an business bank account, outgoing ACH may have a different set of rules.. I mean what can I do right?  So immediately I linked my Chase Personal account with Aspiration to fix this issue.. but guess what?  I could not ACH to my personal Chase account either.  The agent on the phone could not tell me why, but simply instructed me to initiate ACH from Chase's side... as I told the agent over the phone, I can do that no problem, and I will, but this process is starting to get me frustrated.

Adding an external account to Chase takes a few business days as Chase makes couple small deposit and to verify.. while I wait for Chase to verify the ACH connection, I thought to myself why not use sofi to link to Aspiration that way I don't have to wait for Chase.. In the process of adding sofi, I have realized that I have been locked out of all Aspiration website functions, I cannot add links to different banks, cannot even use their support ticket system from the banking website.

To summarize:
I was denied wire due to insufficient history with Aspiration
I was denied to send money back to the original chase account
I was denied to send money to my personal chase account
I was denied to link sofi account
I can't even use their support ticket system as it seems I have been locked from all functions

All I wanted was to use their wiring service and save some money,

But instead, Aspiration has caused me 2 weeks of time and headaches already.. who knows how long this will end up taking. At this point, I don't even know how I am going to get my money back or when I will be able to... now I am even scared that they will just hold my money indefinitely.. ​I mean is what Aspiration doing even legal?